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Sophia University, 7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan

Design and Development of New Methodologies in Organocatalysis
Synthesis of Functional Materials and Bioactive Compounds


  • Prof. Yumiko Suzuki gave a lecture on "Bioactive Heterocycles via Organocatalysis - What can a NHC do for you?" at Planning Journees Scientifiques Labex SynOrg in Rouen. (9/30)
  • Prof. Yumiko Suzuki gave a lecture on "NHC-Catalysis in Action: Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocyclic Compounds" at Universite du Havre. (9/22)
  • Prof. Yumiko SUZUKI is invited by the University of Caen-Normandie as a guest professor for 1 month from September 1st 2016. http://www.lcmt.ensicaen.fr/80345724/0/fiche___article/&RH=LCMT_FR
  • Prof. Voltaire Organo and Ms. Beatrice Pique are visiting our lab.(~7/22)
  • Prof. Bernhard Witulski and Ms. Hong are visiting our lab.(~4/30)
  • Our students gave their presentations at 日本化学会第96春季年会
  • Prof. Yumiko Suzuki gave presentation at 5th UK-Japanese Symposium on Asymmetric Catalysis
  • Our students gave their presentations at Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • Our students gave their presentations (2015, 10/13(Tue.)-10/16(Thu.) at Tower Hall Funabori)
    URL: http://www.csj.jp/festa/2015/
  • M2 Mr. Kenta Kuroiwa, M1 Ms. Yuri Kitahara, M1 Ms. Risa Sugimura, M1 Mr. Kohei Dobashi, M1 Mr. Mizuki Nakagawa, M1 Ms. Miho Motoyama gave their presentations at The Chemistry Society of Japan(CSJ) Festa.
    (10/14(Tue)-10/16(Thr) at Tower Hall Hunabori(船堀))
  • M1 Ms. Miho Motoyama, M1 Mr. Kohei Dobashi gave their presentations at 43rd Congress of Heterocyclic Chemstry.
    (9/10(Wed)-12(Fri) Hokkaido University) 
  • Our study results will be presented at Innovation Japan 2014
    (9/11(Thr)・12(Fri) Tokyo Big Sight West1 Hall)
    See the URL below for details.
    Synthesis of Quinazoline Derivatives with Anti-Proliferative Activity against Cancer Cells.(PDF 609KB)
  • M1 Mr. Kenta Kuroiwa, B4 Mr. Kohei Dobashi, M1 Ms. Eileen Takeuchi gave a presentation
    at "The 94th Annual Meeting of The Chemical Society of Japan."(2014/3/28 at Nagoya University)
  • The "Shiseido Science Cafe in Sophia University" was held on March 15 (Sat),
    at Conference Room 301, 3F, Building No.10, Yotsuya Campus.
    Dr.Yumiko Suzuki talked about chemistry and our research.
    For further information, click here:Shiseido Female Research Science Grant (Japanese website)
  • Our review was published in KAGAKU. (See Publications)
  • M1 Mr. Kenta Kuroiwa gave a presentation
    at "The 31st Medicinal Chemistry Symposium."(2013/11/20 at ASTERPLAZA)
  • Dr. Yumiko Suzuki received the "Shiseido Female Researcher Science Grant".
    For further information, click here:Shiseido News Release (Japanese, PDF 297KB),
    Sophia University Website, Sophia University Newsletter(Japanese, PDF 615KB),
    Office for Promotion of Gender Equality, Sophia School Corporation (Japanese website),
    Newsletter (Japanese, PDF 6,120KB)

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Yumiko Suzuki Lab.

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7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan
TEL -81-3-3238-3089

We welcome to accept students who are interested in joining our research group. Please feel free to visit us.(Contact: yumiko_suzuki[at]sophia.ac.jp)

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