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Sophia University, 7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan


New Reaction Methodology/ Organocatalysis/ Functional Material Synthesis

Our research group is pursuing studies in several fields including synthetic organic chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. Current our research interests are design and development of new methodologies in organocatalysis, and synthesis of functional materials and bioactive compounds.


  • Nucleophilic acylation with aldehydes
Chloro and fluoro groups of haloarenes and are nucleophilically substituted by aroyl groups originated from aromatic aldehydes by catalytic action of imidazolidenyl and triazolidenyl carbenes to afford ketones.

  • Cyanosilylation of aldehydes
N-heterocyclic carbenes mediate the addition of trimethylsilylcyanide to aldehydes to yield cyanohydrin trimethylsilyl ethers. The use of chiral imidazolidenyl carbene derived from
(R,R)-1,3-bis[(1-naphthyl)ethyl]imidazolium chloride led to enantioseletive cyanosilylation.

  • Kinetic resolution of secondary alcohols
C2-symmetric imidazolidenyl carbenes catalyze asymmetric acylation of racemic secondary alcohols.

  • Total synthesis of natural product, atroviridin
The total synthesis of atroviridin has been accomplished by a linear route involving the N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC)-catalyzed aroylation of the fluorobenzene derivative, Claisen cyclization of
the O-propargylated benzophenones, and intramolecular 1,4-addition of the quinone intermediates. The result provides a viable route to xanthone natural products.

  • Discovery and development of antiproliferative agents against cancer cells
Quinazolines derivatives synthesized through NHC catalysis were found to have antiproleferative activity against several cancer cell lines such as HeLa and A549. Studies in development of new anticancer drugs are ongoing in collaboration with Pharma Valley Center (Shizuoka Organization for Creation of Industries) and The Center for Drug Discovery in University of Shizuoka.

Yumiko Suzuki Lab.

Sophia University
7-1, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554, Japan

TEL -81-3-3238-3089

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